The Best Way in Securing The Lottery Online's Account

You need to make sure if you do several simple things to secure your ID such as:

  • Always log out after gambling
    Many people don’t do it at all and they tend to make the computer or gadget remember the ID so they can log in anytime without typing it again. However, if the gadget and also computer are used only by you, then you don’t need to worry. If other people use the gadget after you and they see the game they might be curious about and you don’t log out, they can enter and play. They think it is just the ordinary game and they play so freely without knowing the chips or tokens they use are real money actually. They think it is just the game money so it has no relation at all with real money. If you do it, then you might think your money is just gone like that without knowing who the person that used it.

  • Don’t write it on sticky note
    Somehow, people who easily forget things will write it on sticky note or just note paper and they will stick on the side of monitor, mirror or just wall. The purpose is they can see it anytime clearly without forgetting it.

However, if anyone else see it, then they can access it and perhaps, manipulate your ID or use the credit account to play without realizing if it is the real money used to make a betting lottery.