Company History
An overwhelming desire to help the communities that touch us on our travels inspired us to create a brand totally dedicated to making Children smile, because at the end of the day what is more important than that? Choclo is the Peruvian word for corn; one of the staple foods in Peru, and it represents the work we do with the Nuevo Futuro, a non-profit orphanage based out of Lima. We feed our range with life, colour and passion, taking inspiration from the children’s drawings to create products that remind our customers that they are part of something more than just another clothing brand. 5% of each Choclo sale buys food and medical supplies for the children. The purchase of one Debi hoodie for example equates to a generic panadol for a fever or a papaya (fruit) or 2lt milk. Our goal is to keep growing so we are able to improve the lives of more children and provide them with a safe environment where they can continue to express themselves.

The Choclo Project is built up of a community of like-minded surfers, skiers, climbers, dancers and yogis, all connected by an infatuation with movement and an overwhelming passion to help the children that touch us when we travel to our favourite destinations. Instead of paying athletes huge amounts of money we prefer to give what we can to these children to keep them smiling. They are both our team and our inspiration. Click on the link above to experience our story visually, the way it meant to be told.