Choclo Active Ambassadors

A shared passion for yoga has allowed all of Choclo's ambassadors to excell in their field and inspire those around them. Rochelle was on the world chamionship surfing tour for 17 years, taking on the worlds elite athletes and charging the worlds heaviest waves. She is still a professional surfer as well as yoga teacher, surf trainer and mentor. Pro snowboarder Caroline Beliard has been named best French snowboarder 3 times. She is now training to be a yoga teacher. Named "America's Ultimate Wellness Expert" by Woman's World Magazine Peggy Hall is also the creator of Yoga for surfers and Yoga for boardsports DVDs. Hubert De Torres was a professional snowboard cameraman before committing himself full time to his passion for yoga. With a degree in Psychology and Human Kinetics Kelly Aikins caters her yoga classes to like-minded climbers and skiers in the Chamonix Valley. Leaving a successful Spa business in Australia in search of a more balanced life Leah Lombe has recently teamed up with Choclo to create some high end specialist massage oils using her knowledge as an a leading expert on Aromotherapy. Read more about these inspirational personalities.

- snowboard (pro)CAROLINE BELIARD - snowboard (pro)

- surf (pro)ROCHELLE BALLARD - surf (pro)

- Activist and YogiDAVID SYE - Activist and Yogi

- kitesurfer/yogiAUDREY MEYER - kitesurfer/yogi

- Yogi/artist/activistRANI SHEILAGH - Yogi/artist/activist

- wellness expertPEGGY HALL - wellness expert

- - skier/climber

- actress/model


- slacklineDANIEL MAUSER - slackline

- aromatherapistLEAH LOMBE - aromatherapist

AshtangaHUBERT de TOURRIS - Ashtanga

- personal trainerDINA WILLS - personal trainer