Meet the artists

We are lucky to have amazing artists as friends who donate their time and effort to support the Project, taking inspiration from the children to inject the range with color and passion.
<;br />For the 2011 collection we teamed up with French based Ruth McNab and Nico Odo as well as Portuguese artist Dimitri Belga. In 2010 we took a look into the child-like mind of Amsterdam based artist Boxie. We also work with talented photographers to provide inspiring images for our valued customers and community. With a passion for portrait photography and a love for her homeland Peru and its' children Katie Ryan was rewarded by appearing in the prestigious Photographer’s Forum best of Photography 2008. Her photos of the children in Peru are found on the website.

Ruth McNabe - artist, UK

Nico Odod - artist, France

Dimitri Belgan - artist, Portugal

Boxied - Artistw, Holland

Katied Ryaned - Photographer, US

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