Choclo project is a brand totally dedicated to health and wellbeing and that extends further than you, our valued customer. Having purchased a product you will discover that there is either a discreet or more visible artwork on your garment. This graphic is integrated in the product to remind our customers that they are a part of something more than just a clothing brand. With the purchase of any Choclo product 5% of sales is donated to Nuevo Futuro, our partner orphanage in Peru. Each garment is personalised so that you will be proud to wear the product and be part of a project that would not exist without your ongoing support.


CREATIVITY – At Choclo we believe that there is nothing more important for a child than being creative. Our major goal is to provide these children with the opportunity and environment to express themselves. Have a good look at your product and you will find artworks that have been inspired by the children you have just helped.

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